Canada's National

Holocaust Monument

Canada's National

Holocaust Monument

Le Canada est la seule

nation alliée qui n'a pas

Le Canada est la seule

nation alliée qui n'a pas





About the Monument



The National Holocaust Monument commemorates the six million Jewish men, women and children murdered during the Holocaust, and the millions of other victims of Nazi Germany and its collaborators. It also stands as a tribute to the courage and resilience of the survivors who were able to make their way to Canada following one of the darkest chapters in human history. The monument recognizes the immense contributions these survivors have made to Canada and serves as a reminder that we must be vigilant in standing guard against antisemitism, hatred and intolerance.



Inaugurated by the Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, PC, MP, Prime Minister of Canada on September 27, 2017.

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The National Holocaust Monument Committee was established in 2019. It is responsible for organizing Holocaust events at The National Holocaust Monument in Ottawa, and to the successful delivery of commemorations, in particular The International Holocaust Day of Remembrance and Yom HaShoah. As a committee we take our responsibility seriously and are committed to ensuring that these events are meaningful and respectful.


We work closely with our stakeholders, The Centre of Israel and Jewish Affairs, The Canadian Society for Yad Vashem, The Embassy of Israel, The Jewish Federation of Ottawa, The Government of Canada and The National Capital Commission.


We also work collaboratively with community organisations, survivors and their families to plan and execute events that honor the memory of those who perished during the Holocaust.


It is our duty to ensure that that the atrocities that occurred during this dark period of history are remembered and that we never forget the lessons of the past.

We are dedicated to preserving the memory of the Holocaust and to promoting tolerance, understanding and respect for all people.


We are grateful to the Canadian Society for Yad Vashem for their support and in passing this responsibility to the National Holocaust Monument Committee.


Annette Wildgoose
National Holocaust Monument Committee



The Committee



Joel Diener, Co-chair

Joel Diener, Co-chair

I identified the need to bring activity to the National Holocaust Monument several years ago when it was void of any activity on Yom Hashoa in 2019. I am a son of a Holocaust survivour, the son of a Partisan fighter who came to Canada to start a new life in a strange land. My father opened up a thriving meat business which my brother and I took over and turned it into an Ottawa institution. I am now retired but am very active in Jewish and non Jewish causes, always looking out for the little guy who needs that little bit of help achieving their goals. I am happy when the Monument is full of people learning the lessons of the Holocaust and when sharing with other persecuted minorities the pain that we and them went through so we can work together preventing these genocides from ever happening again.

Lawrence Greenspon, Co-chair

Lawrence Greenspon, Co-chair

Born in 1954 in Montreal, Lawrence grew up with his father, a holocaust survivor, liberated from Auschwitz at age 18 weighing 60 lbs. His Dad's parents and his sister Maja, after whom Lawrence’s daughter is named, were all killed.

As a young boy, Lawrence recalls walking with his dad in the annual Survivors of Nazi Oppression March. Inspired by his father, Lawrence has been a human rights lawyer for over 40 years.

He has been the President of the J.C.C and the Defence Counsel Association and been honored as the Negev Honoree and received the Advocates Society Award of Justice, the Lincoln Alexander Award for Community Service and the Order of Ottawa.

Annette Wildgoose, President

Annette Wildgoose, President

During her extensive career in the Public Service of Canada, Annette has been recognized for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in national and international sport administration, in particular, having received The Deputy Minister’s Award for dedication and enthusiastic leadership in the area of policy and program development. Annette was also the Director of Legacy and Special Projects for the National Organizing Committee of the FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada 2015.

Annette now offers consultation services in leadership and management training, governance and event management.

However, it is her mother’s story of survival and resilience that led Annette to contribute towards the revitalization of the National Holocaust Monument and to contribute towards Holocaust education. Her mother, Alice Meister, was born in Leipzig 1920 and was a Holocaust survivor.

“I hold this volunteer position close to my heart and I am honored to be a member of the National Holocaust Monument Committee and to work along such a dedicated group of individuals. My mother taught me the importance of never giving up and I continue the legacy on her behalf and from those who came before us.”

Annette has recently participated in several documentaries; “39-45 en sol canadien” a 12 part French documentary series hosted by Claude Legault from TV5 and “Hear Their Voices; Ecoutez nos Voix’ by Carleton and Ottawa Universities, a bilingual online course to educate students on the Holocaust and Antisemitism.

Rabbi Idan Scher

Rabbi Idan Scher

Rabbi Idan Scher was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, but frequent trips to Ottawa to visit his large extended family always made the Nation's Capital feel like his second home. He has fond memories of skating on the canal, playing pond hockey with his cousins, and going to more Senators games than he can count.

Rabbi Scher is a dynamic and sought-after speaker, and a warm and engaging relationship-builder. And though he loves spending time with congregants inside the shul, he especially loves hosting guests for Shabbat meals at his home, together with his wife Shifra, their son Shlomo, and their daughters, Esther and Shayna.

Rabbi Scher earned an undergraduate degree from Yeshiva Shaar HaTorah in New York, a Masters degree in Talmudic Law from the Ner Israel Rabbinical College in Baltimore, and an M.A. in Public Policy and Management from John's Hopkins University. He holds rabbinic ordination (semikha) from both Rabbi Zalman Nechemia Goldberg, the director of the Jerusalem Rabbinical Court, and from Rabbi Gedalya Schwartz, the director of the Beth Din of America. Rabbi Scher also studied at Yeshivas Brisk in Jerusalem, where he was a student of Rabbi Shalom Schechter.

Please feel free to contact Rabbi Scher to discuss a life-cycle event, an idea for the shul, or just for a good schmooze! He can be reached at 613.521.9700, or

Harry Prizant

Harry Prizant

Born and raised in Montreal, I moved to Ottawa in 1982 after completing my optometry degree from the University of Waterloo.

My mother, a survivor of 7 concentration camps was from Koscice, Czech and my father who survived labour camps was from sighet, roumania.

The legacy to remember the lessons of the shoah and the promise of "never again" has been instilled in me, which is why the holocaust monument project is so important for our community and for the community at large.

Jonathan Allen

Jonathan Allen

I am the National Executive Director of the Canadian Society for Yad Vashem. I am originally from New Waterford, Nova Scotia on Cape Breton Island and have lived in Toronto for the last 25 years working for a number of Jewish organizations. Prior to Covid, the Canadian Society for Yad Vashem organized the national Yom HaShoah ceremony in Ottawa. During the pause on in-person events during the pandemic and having met with Joel Diener, our Board recognized this ceremony should only be held in person at the National Holocaust Monument going forward. I am honoured to be part of this committee.

National Holocaust monument committee logo

Nicole Adwokat

Nicole is the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors who has joined the Committee to ensure their and others’ stories of that time continue to be remembered by all and shared with future generations.

Andrea Freedman

Andrea Freedman

Throughout her career, Andrea has worked in the non-profit world, primarily in the Jewish Federation movement. She spent six years at Federation CJA (Montreal) including serving as Director of the Israel and Overseas Department. At UJA Federation of Greater Toronto, amongst her many responsibilities, Andrea was responsible for major gift fundraising and corporate partnerships, significantly increasing giving. Working for UIA Federations of Canada, she successfully consulted with communities across the country and provided an extensive demographic study. Prior to joining the Jewish Federation of Ottawa and Ottawa Jewish Community Foundation as President and CEO in 2013, Andrea served as Vice President of Philanthropy and Operations at Mount Sinai Hospital Foundation in Toronto overseeing all operations, governance, annual fundraising, legacy giving and events. On December 1, 2023, she will assume the position of CEO, Ben Gurion University Canada.

Adam Cantor

Adam Cantor

Adam Cantor joined the National Holocaust Monument Committee in 2023. His professional interests and 20+ years of working in the private sector have been focused in areas where success requires the alignment and integration of a company’s business, financial and change management strategies. Adam is a Chartered Professional Accountant with a Masters in Business Administration from York University’s Schulich School of Business. He is Prosci Change Management certified and has the Partners, Directors, and Senior Officers (PDO) certification from the Canadian Securities Institute.

Adam is Chair of the Board and President of the Hillel Lodge Long-Term Care Foundation. He is enthusiastic about hiking, hockey, and travel.


Supporting Partners



Thank you to our generous donors and partners for their support and generosity. Together we have built Canada's newest landmark.



Partner Agencies

Embassy Of Israel
Jewish Federation of Ottawa
NCC CCN Canada
Canadian War Museum Logo
Canadian Jewish Advocacy
CMH Logo
Government of Canada
Canadian Society for YAD

Chai+ Donors to the Monument Committee

Adam Cantor

Paul and Sharon Finn

Sam Firestone

Roger Greenberg

Lawrence Greenspon

Irv Hoffman

Harvey and Sheryl Kardish

Richard Marceau

Margi Oksner

Jeff Orlan

Jason and Jenny Shinder

Fran Sonshine

Peter Szirtes

Gilad Vered

Sandra Zagon







Campaign Announcements

Design Team Selections


The Monument



Design Intent



World-renowned architect Daniel Libeskind designed the National Holocaust Monument, Landscape of Loss, Memory and Survival. It conveys the singularity of the Holocaust.




To read the original Design Intent prepared by the design team, click here.






Interesting Facts About the Monument



Did you know…



Bill C-442, an Act to Establish a National Holocaust Memorial was signed into law by the Governor General at 8am on May 25, 2011.



From Act to completion took just over six years.



The National Holocaust Monument sits on approx. 3,000 square metres of land on LeBreton Flats.



LeBreton Flats was named after retired Royal Navy Captain John LeBreton (1779-1848), one of Nepean Township's first settlers (c. 1819) and a hero of the War of 1812.



In 1818, the LeBreton Flats were home to a mix of lumber kings, working class people, railroads, mills and other industries and businesses. It provided the artisans, tradesmen and labourers needed for the largest grouping of sawmills in the world. LeBreton grew into the industrial centre of Ottawa which lasted from the mid-1800s until the end of the lumber boom and the devastation of the Great Fire of 1900.



The landscape design for the Monument is inspired by the image of the northern Boreal forest.



The thickness of walls of the Monument range from 300mm to 800mm.



It took 16 months to build the monument, with 60 workers on-site at its peak.



The gathering space in the centre of the Monument can hold up to 1000 people standing.



The construction of the Monument required:



  • over 250,000kg of rebar, excluding the slab-on-grade
  • almost 2,000 cubic metres of concrete
  • about 900 cubic yards of top soil
  • over 1,000 plants around the perimeter
  • Over 13,500 tons of backfill
  • More than 8,000 sheets of plywood used to form the walls.
  • Over 1,200 square metres of anti-graffiti coating applied to the walls for their protection


The coldest temperature during a concrete pour was minus 14° C.



Edward Burtynsky travelled over 4,000 km throughout Europe during the fall of 2015 taking more than 150 images from which only six were chosen to be reproduced on the walls of the monument.



Nina Libeskind (wife of architect Daniel) is originally from Ottawa.

Planning Your Visit





Entrance to the Monument is free.





Open every day, from 7 am to 9 pm, except when there is a special event taking place. The monument is partially open in the winter to provide year-round access to the interpretation panels and views of the murals.





The Monument is located on LeBreton Flats, at the corner of Booth Street and the Sir John A. MacDonald Parkway, west of Parliament Hill in Ottawa (Ontario). You can use the Canadian War Museum as a landmark as the National Holocaust Monument is directly across the street.





Street parking is available around the National Holocaust Monument. Check for posted hours and rates.


Parking is also available at the Canadian War Museum, 1 Vimy Place, Ottawa (Ontario).


Rate: $2.50 per half hour to a daily maximum of $12.50 (subject to change)



By Public Transit


OC Transpo: Transitway – Lebreton Station. Find routes and schedules



By Foot Or Bicycle


Located on the scenic Ottawa River Pathway; bicycle racks are available at the Monument entrances.





The Monument is universally accessible via its main entrance located on Booth Street.


An elevator leading to the upper terrace is located at the east end of the Monument.


All walls that incline into the visitor space have tactile warning strips of riverstone in front of them for the safety of visitors.



If you need immediate information while on site


Telephone : 613-239-5000 or 1-800-465-1867 (toll-free)

Founding Partners



Thank you to our generous donors and partners for their support and generosity. Together we have built Canada's newest landmark.




The Adams Family Foundation

Honey and Barry Sherman

Samuel and Frances Belzberg
Bensadoun Family
Leon Judah Blackmore Foundation... Leon Judah Blackmore Foundation, in honour of the Right Honourable Stephen Harper, the Honourable John Baird and the Honourable Tim Uppal for their vision and dedication to the National Holocaust Monument
Leon Judah Blackmore... Leon Judah Blackmore, in honour of Rabbi Meyer and Chava Schwartzman; Abraham I.; Solomon R. and Carol; Rachel (Shainberg); Sarah C. (Fishweicher); Morris I.; Leon J.; Norman Z. and Sheila

Samuel J. and Rita Bresler, Ron Bresler and Erin Donohue, Eric Bresler and Judith Klarman

The Honourable Linda Frum and Howard Sokolowski

Nahum and Sheila Gelber Family
Max and Gianna Glassman
Rita and Charles Bronfman... Rita and Charles Bronfman, Ellen Bronfman Hauptman and Andrew Hauptman, Claudine and Stephen Bronfman
Joseph Burnett Family

Ricky and Peter Cohen Family Foundation

Phillip and Peggy DeZwirek

Jeremy, Judith, Jesse, Amanda and Zach Freedman

Elizabeth and Tony Comper
Lillian and Rick Ekstein... Lillian and Rick Ekstein, in honour of Laura Grosman who had the dream, and the Honourable Peter Kent, her first supporter
David and Stacey Cynamon
Jason and Audrey DeZwirek

Morris and Rosalind Goodman Family Foundation

The Honourable Jerry and Carole Grafstein

Greenberg Families

Ronnen Harary
Riva and Thomas O. Hecht
Richard and Donna Holbrook
Bruce Kent and Family
Warren and Debbie Kimel
David Kosoy and Family
Mary and Fred Litwin
Jon and Nancy Love
Jonas and Lynda Prince

John and Jennifer Ruddy

Seymour and Tanna Schulich
Alvin Cramer Segal, O.C., O.Q.
Lawrence Soloway
Fran and Edward Sonshine
Larry and Judy Tanenbaum and Family

Thomas and Sasha Weisz

Jonathan and Susan Wener and Family


Leslie Gales and Keith Ray, Brenlee and Allen Gales, Joy and Barry Gales

Judy Illes Van der Loos and Family... Judy Illes Van der Loos and Family, in eternal memory of Herman and Ibolya Illes and in honour of loved ones who perished

Margo, David, Aaron and Gail Kardish

Robert and Marilyn Krell and Family
Rob Kumer and Barbara Schechter

Anne Kaplan Mandell, in memory of Lazar, Freidel and Samuel Kaplan

Eugene McBurney

Pertman Family, in memory of Sara and David Pertman

Toby and Solomon Reichert... Toby and Solomon Reichert, Rochelle Reichert, Jerell Reichert, Adell Reichert Shneer and Bonny Reichert


Leon Judah Blackmore... Leon Judah Blackmore in honour of Nicola Brailsford, Sybil Wai, Bonnie Tse, Marlita Minor and Craig Sturrock
Marsha Bronfman

Coalition of Progressive Canadian Muslim Organizations

Rabbi and Rabbanit Friedman

Ira Gluskin and Maxine Granovsky Gluskin

Linda H. and Robert J. Goldberger

Leila Lax and Norman Goldstein in memory of Bella and Irving Goldstein

Sharon Herman and Leslie Richmond
Ralph and Marcelle Lean
Leanne and George Lewis
Elliot Lifson

Mark Mandell, in memory of Abraham, Chava, Rachmiel Mandell, and Meir Zelig Steinbaum

The Estates of Frank and Rosie Nelson... The Estates of Frank and Rosie Nelson and Chaim (survivor), Aliza, Tova, Ron, Leora and Danny Kornfeld
Margi Oksner

The Cyril & Dorothy, Joel & Jill Reitman Family Foundation

Joseph and Sandra Rotman

Irving and Ethel Taylor, Brent and Risa Taylor and Susan and Mark Korn


Jordan and Faith Banks
Karen and Amnon Baruch
Dave and Ivy Broesky
Camille Dan Family
Diamond Corp
Michael and Liane Eliesen and Family
Karen Farkas and Clyde Hurtig
George Fine, Gary Fine and Families
David and Yael Ghermezian
Bill and Marika Glied and Family
Morris "Nassie" and Raylene Godel
Mary Ellen Herman
Brian Jean, QC
Lianne and Bruce Leboff
Selwyn and Elaine Romanovsky



Sharon Abbott
Ali Abdourahman
Shirley Abramsky
Scarlat and Shirley Albright
Sheila and Keith Alexander
Bernard and Gaye Applebaum
Michael and Marilyn Appleton
Sandra Archinoff
Christians United for Israel Association
Dr. Jeff and Helena Axler
Anne and Allan Bank
Mark Bank
Tauba Barac
Gertie Barath
Candace J. Barber
Jack and Elaine Barkin
Rhoda and Herbert Basian
Brian Greenspan and Marla Berger
Abraham and Sheila Birenbaum
Beverley Black
Pearl and Jerry Bloom
Shirley Bohnen
Lynn and Ira Bond
Andy and Marlene Borins
K. David Brody
Morton and Marlene Brown
Gary and Gail Brown
Jack and Roma Buchman
Marcus Busch
Lorne and Trudy Cappell
Leo D. Cardella
Sara and Richard Charney
Michael Jay Chernick
Barbara Clarke
Beverley and Sam Cohen
Noah Cohen
Laurie Sheff and Jonathan Cole
Joseph Cole
David and Debbie Conn
Sydney and Florence Cooper
Kimberly Coote
Matt Desjardins
Paul Devenyi
David Devenyi
Len Dolgoy
Sean Douglas
John and Catherine DuBourt
Robert Durling
Lionel Groberman and Lynn Einstein
Wendy and Elliott Eisen
Ruth Ellis
Martha Sud and Family
Minda Feldman & Family
Esther Cole and Family
Jack and Betty Winston & Family
Carol Jamieson and Family
Mary Seldon and Family
Marilyn Farber
Edward and Sylvia Fisch
Ab and Phyllis Flatt
Lloyd and Gladys Fogler
Garry and Joanne Foster
Ludwig Family Foundation
George and Kay Goldlist Family Foundation
Honey and Leonard Wolfe Family Charitable Foundation
Harvey and Annice Frisch Family Foundation
Zacks Family Charitable Foundation
Alan and Stephanie Freedman
Brenda Freedman
Donna and Joel Freedman
Ronald Frisch
Joseph & Kayla Shoctor Family Fund
Chisvin Family Philanthropic Fund
Vera Gara
Naomi Garber
Dorothy Menkes Garfinkle
Judi Garon
Rhonda and Raymond Gelgoot
Joan Gitleman
Colonel Wille Glaser
Barbara and Norman Gleiberman
Eva Gluck
Celia and Leonard Golberg
Stanley Goldberg
Larry Goldberg
Ron and Anne Golden
George Goldford
Sarah Goldman
Harry and Sara Gorman
Elly and Esme Gotz
Irwin and Judith Gould
Harry and Roslynne Greenberg
Marcia Greenglass
Lester Greenman
Edward and Suzy Greenspan
Ruth and Joel Greisman
Jessica Greisman
Mark and Pearl Gryfe
Nathan Haber
Reena Berlind and Lorie Haber
Max and Marilyn Haines
Sam and Pam Handelsman
Lawford and Frances Harris
Ethel Harris
Bryna Goldberg and Howard Harris
Jay and Janet Harris
Gordon Harris
Sheila and Larry Hartman
Jack and Amy Hauer
Kathleen Henry
Marilyn Shesko and David Hertzman
Nicole Himel
John Hoekstra
Dennis Hoffman
Ralph Hoffman
Lavina Inbar
David Merkur Holdings Inc.
Dr. Linda Ingber
Gentec International
Jon Jennekens
Vivian Jung
Dr. and Mrs. Yair Karas
Allen Karp
Toby Kasner
Marvin and Estelle Kates
Joan Katz
Floralove Katz
Vicki Sterling and Allan Kaufman
Sherry Kelner
Michael and Sylvia Kestenberg
Fran Kirshenbaum
Joseph Kerzner and Lisa Koeper
Samuel Koplowicz
Sarah and Larry Krauss
Dr. Mark and Lea Kristmanson
Ira and Paula Kuchinsky
Nancy Kumer
Connie Monson Kussner
Sara Kussner
Elyse Lackie
Myrna Lambert
Hugo Langshur
Alison Lavoie
Queenie Leibel
Gary Levene
Irwin and Katherine Levine
Weldon and Joan Levine
Norman and Shelley Levine
Al and Sheila Libfeld
John Light
Rhonda Richer and Tim Lipa
Paul Liut
Donald and Lorraine Loeb
Erna, Arnie, Heidi, Louis, Erika, Mikaela, Julian and Mylie Ludwick
Mr. M. Lynfield
Cate and Tim Mackin
Ruth Magder
Anne Mandell
Lili Manson
David and Pam Margolus
Peppa Martin
Alan and Patti Menkes
Sharon Middleton
William and Nancy Miller
Florence Minz
Jack Moldofsky
Maurissa Morgan
In Memory of Victoria Deutsch Morgenstern
Lou Myles and Wendy Switzer Myles
Leslie Nevsku
Cyril and Connie Nicoll
Margaret Nightingale
Lila Orbach
Judy Ordower
Judith Osten
Auriela and Michael Ostro
Ellen Novack and John Park
Karen Parker
Stacey Shein and Mayer Pearl
Leonard Pentol
Mel and Fran Petersiel
Howard and Pauline Pezim
Rena Popielnik
Kayley Pugh
Sharon and Michael Pupko
Jeannine and Alexandre Raab
Harry and Elaine Rakowski
Doris Rauch
Arlene Resnick
George and Marie Retek
Dr. Norton Lithwick and Adele Rich
Janet Robinson
Byron Rogers
Norman Rogul
Morris and Judy Rosenberg
In Memory of Bella Rosenfarb
Rita Rosenfeld
Irving Rothstein
Vladimir and Iya Rott
Joel and Rachel Rubenstein
Ronna Rubin
Berte Rubin
Daniel Rubinstein
Jennifer and Kevin Salsberg
Ilene Samuels
Peter Schalin
Eric Schloss
Sandra Schnurr
Jeffrey and Anne Schwartz
Robert and Doreen Scolnick
Joel Seigel
Allan Seltzer
Anna Maria Shafran
Carole and Marvin Sherkin
Freida and Les Sherman
Francie and David Shields
Neil Shore
Fred Shore
Harvey A. Silver
Judy Simmonds
Gerald and Judy Slan
James and Linda Slavens
Apter Friendly Society
Lyla Solmon
Geoffrey Sprackman
Robert Sprackman
Herbert and Yvonne Stein
Peter Stein
Cecile and David Steinberg
Bernie Steinberg
Sylvia and Zanvel Stern
Daniel Sternfels
Michael Stevenson
Louis Stillman
Nadine Stirling
Mitchell, Sheryl, Tyler, Griffin, Jackson and Harper Stotland
Gordon Strauss
Shirley and Harry Strauss
Lily Strean
Susan Szainwald
Doreen Teichman
H. and M. Tenenbaum
Charlotte and Kenneth Tessis
Brett and Hilary Tkatch
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New Wave Travel
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